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The AMF has several tools available to remedy breaches of requirements by clearing houses. MFA is designed for countries geographically, economically and politically close to the Union. Support through a new programme of Macro-financial assistance over the period conditional on financial arrangement with IMF. The AMF can impose conditions and terms on the authorisation of a clearing house, either as a recognised clearing house or as an exempted clearing house.

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The AMF has issued recognition orders in respect of all clearing houses authorised by it as recognised clearing houses requiring them to comply with the PFMIs. Macro-financial assistance MFA' is a form of financial aid extended by the Union to partner countries experiencing a balance of payments crisis.

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MFA is exceptional in nature and is mobilised on a case-by-case basis to help countries dealing with serious balance-of-payments difficulties. The Commission will inform the budgetary authority regularly of the macro-financial situation of the beneficiary countries and will report extensively on the implementation of MFA on a yearly basis.

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